Bespoke Products

Why be ordinary, when you can be extraordinary!

Our bespoke service allows us to work closely with our clients and design promotional items that show off the individuality of their brand. Incorporating our creativity and expert knowledge we can size, shape, colour or print any product from our standard range.

Customised size and shaping

We can customise any of our standard products to the size and shape of your request. If you require a USB to be in the shape of your company logo, no problem! Provide us with the artwork and we will put the design into production. Once designed, you will have complete ownership of your customised mould. If you wish to mass produce more promotional products with this design in the future you can at no extra cost.

Colour co-ordination

To make sure items are easily recognised as being associated with your brand, we can colour co-ordinate the majority of our products to the exact shades and tints you require.

All branding methods are available

To create something that is unique and eye catching as possible we offer customers all modern day branding methods. Whether it is pad, screen, or transfer printing, embroidery or engraving, we will find the best and most stylish way to display your brand.

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